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This addon allows creating event in Evenbrite simultaneouly when an event is created in EventON. It also syncs with Evenbrite and pulls events and automatically converts them into EventON events.

How to Install Plugin/Addon #back to top

Install via WordPress Admin

To install plugin/addon directly from the admin area. Download the plugin to your computer, then log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New. In the new page, click on “Upload Plugin” button on top and then click on “Choose File”. Locate the plugin zip file in your computer and then press “Install Now” button. Once everything is ready, in the next page, click on “Activate Plugin” button.

Upload via FTP

For a manual install of a plugin/addon, first download the plugin to your computer. Start the FTP program and then navigate to the wp-content folder. Upload the plugin folder in your computer to wp-content/plugins folder. Then press the “Activate Plugin” link on the plugin page.

If you want to learn more about using ftp to install plugin, please check these links:


Settings Panel #back to top

Once the addon is activated, “ExIm” link will appear under myEventON menu

Clicking on the link will bring up the Settings panel.

Connecting with EventBrite #back to top

Plugin needs to connect with the Eventbrite first to start iporting events. Click on the link provided or go to https://www.eventbrite.com/platform/ and generate the API key. Then add the key in "Eventbrite Private Token:" field.

Importing#back to top

To import events, that event's ID in EventBrire is needed. To collect event ID, check the link below of the documentaion. https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-find-the-event-id?lg

Event ID

Once event ID is gathered, add it in the EVENT ID filed.


After event ID is added, hit the "Fetch Events" button.
It will pull the events
Click "Import Events" button

The imported events will now be available under Events menu.

To import events by organizer, that organizer's ID in EventBrire is needed. To collect organizer ID, check the link below of the documentaion. https://help.signaturesatori.com/en/articles/1002985-how-to-obtain-eventbrite-organizer-id


Once event ID is gathered, add it in the EVENT ID filed.

Exporting#back to top

To export to Eventbrite, when you are ready to publish the event, enable "Export to Eventbrite" option on under Export Event meta box on right side.

Export Option

Support Desk #back to top

Our support covers assistance with issues directly linked to the plugin only. We cannot provide web design agency service or help with customization requests. Sometimes we may help with small tweaks, but they are not always guaranteed.

Please visit our profile page or ask question info@momothemes.com

Support for item includes:
  • * Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
  • * Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • * Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
Item support does not include:
  • * Customization and installation services
  • * Support for third party software and plug-ins
Before seeking support, please...
  • * Be sure your question is not a request for custom work and is a valid Addon/Plugin issue.
  • * Go through the documentation thoroughly to learn how to use the different settings before asking support on how to accomplish a task.
  • * Make sure the issue is not caused by another program instead. Try disabling any active plugins and change the theme back to default WP theme and see if the issue gets resolved.
  • * Undo the custom changes you have applied and check once if the issues gets resolved before contactng us for support.

Files Included #back to top

Stylesheets Included

Given css file primarily contains all the code used for styling the admin panels. Use the codes in the file to customize the addon/plugin even further. The included file is under mmt-eventon-exim/assets/css/

  • 1. eo_ei_style_admin.css - Admin side stylesheet
JavaScript Included

This is the Javascript file with custom codes used to make the addon/plugin work. All JavaScript codes are included under mmt-eventon-exim/assets/js/

  • 1. eo_ei_script_admin.js - JavaScripts